The Pig’n’aif band members

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Pete Bangert is a long serving musician from the Sheffield area. Pete has been involved with one version or another of Pig’n’aif possibly since the dawn of time and certainly since the Pretentious period. He plays guitar and sings backing in the live version of the band and has played most of the instruments in the studio for the band’s recorded output over the years. He is the primary songwriter for Pig’n’aif’s original material. Pete played guitar in the blues/rock jam-band line-up and is responsible for most instrumental output i the studio..

Monster vocalist and well known proponent of the bass guitar Mick Shedd is a long standing member of the Pig’n’aif family. Mick has been involved both as a session singer and writing partner of Pete. Mick contributed vocals to the Pig’n’aif prog-rock album  ‘The Jester... Thinks... ‘ and is responsible for the majority of vocals on the ‘Musicalis Grumpiosa’ album. He is currently working with Pete in the studio on a couple of new albums. We are looking forward to those releases very much, as the advance demos sound superb.

Vocalist Jack (Alan) Bunker  joined the Pig’n’aif family to work on a couple of albums in the studio with Pete. Jack was of course the original vocalist from NWOBHM band Phoenix Rising and their relationship was renewed following the recent live gigs of the Pig’n’aif  jam-band. Jack contributed the vocals on the majority of the ‘Pig’n’aif Blue-ish’ album as well as ‘Handover’.

Our project has been rejoined a number of  times by the exceptional vocalist Mel Day. Mel originally from Southampton, has been a well known and respected musical resident in the Sheffield area for a good number of years and has been heavily involved in music since the mid-sixties. Mel was in Phoenix Rising with Pete from the late 80’s through to the mid 90’s. He brings a superb soulful blues/rock voice to the mix as can be heard on our ‘Pig’n’aif Blue’ album as well as the odd (well some might call it that) toot on his trusty harmonica. Mel also provided Lead Vocal on two tracks on the recent ‘Pig’n’aif Blue-ish’ and ‘Handover’ albums and a further one on ‘Musicalis Grumpiosa’.

The drums in the  jam-band line-up were originally played by Graham Shaw who has since moved on to pastures new. Graham is a semi-professional drummer from the South Yorkshire area and has worked with many local bands. Graham collaborated on the well acclaimed ‘Pig'n'aif Blue’ album with Mel and Pete. He is now working with semi-pro cover outfits.

The drums in the recent live jam-band were played by Gordon Henderson, a well know musician from the Yorkshire area. Gordon is a long-term friend of the Pig’n’aif  family of musicians. He has played previously in both Phoenix Rising and ChinWig with Pete and this outing renewed a partnership that worked excellently in the past. Gordon continues to work with a plethora of local bands in the area.

Chris Hamilton is the truly talented and expressive bassist from the original line-up of the band Phoenix Rising. Chris is a highly articulate musician with the great technical capability as well as the native driving force necessary to make a truly superb rock bass player. 

There is of course one other person without whom a band would be incomplete and that is Alan Bangert. He was our Sound Engineer and Road Manager and brought many, many, many years of experience to our projects, making our lives a lot easier - not to mention giving us something to point at and chuckle when things were looking bleak. We owe him a huge amount of thanks for all of his efforts in the bands over the years and of course, still value his input as part of our recording team.

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