Chris Hamilton

Chris is a classically trained musician with a lifetime of performing experience in many genres of music. He started out on orchestral brass and woodwind before transferring to bass guitar in the 70’s. He has had a career which spans both the semipro and professional music scene taking in work on stage, in the studio and session pit work in the theatre. He is a highly accomplished musician and long term friend of Pete and Jack.

Chris started out his career in such bands as The Harvey Ruff Band and No Entry where he worked primarily with Jack as well as in Diamond Jack with Pete and Off The Cuff with both Pete and Jack.

He then joined forces with Pete and Jack as the original superb rock bassist from NWOBHM band Phoenix Rising.

Since that time Chris has continued to work commercially as well as performing as a session man and in function bands.

Chris uses a variety of equipment including Trace Elliot, Sunn and Marshall amplification and cabinets and vintage Fender Jazz, Gibson Thunderbird and Westone basses.


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