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The latest album to include tracks from the original  Pig’n’aif ProgRock line-up

 ‘Curtains Against The Wind’


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Curtains Against The Wind

Curtains Against The Wind

Factory Fast Records
Released 12/01/16

  • 01.
    Crocodile - Sad House-Guest Routine
  • 02.
    Spark - Adrian James
  • 03.
    Cloud Eleven - egon erger
  • 04.
    Time to Move On - Andy Zorko
  • 05.
    Little Girls - by Lori Jean
  • 06.
    Cycles - Pig'n'aif
  • 07.
    War in Pain - Monogroove

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You can download the album or individual tracks at most download stores world-wide including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and many others.

This is released under the genre of  Alternative / Eclectic Songwriter

The Featured Artists in addition to Pig'n'aif are:- 
Sad House-Guest Routine, Adrian James , egon erger , Andy Zorko , Lori Jean, Monogroove

Smoldering and moving, this mix is pure unadulterated passion. There is a lot of variety here because the artists love touching spaces from alt country-tinged soul to blazing psychedelic folk. Following in the footsteps of roots dug deep, with but styles updated just enough to sound contemporary we’re mazed how you keep fighting and never back down. You are as strong as curtains against the wind.

New York City-based Factory Fast Records specialized in producing musician-curated independent music compilations across all genres.

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