Gordon Henderson

Gordon Henderson is a well know drummer and musical character from the Yorkshire area. He is a genuinely nice guy with a quick sense of humour and musicians love to work with him because of that (as long as you don’t get on the end of one of his ‘five minute’ stories).

Gordi is at home playing most forms of rock and blues and maintains a high degree of energy in his performance throughout. He quickly establishes a musical rapport that pays dividends when a line-up gets together on stage for the first time.

Gordi previously played in Phoenix Rising with Pete, Mel and Alan and he subsequently worked in local band Stormbringer ('Non-Stop Walter Band'), Damnation and several others.

Pete said, “it is always good to work with Gordi because he (usually) knows exactly where we are coming from and there is no awkwardness brought about by having to establish a completely new working relationship all round. I have a great deal of respect for him as a musician and as a friend - but don’t tell him that...”.

Gordon now plays a Mapex kit with Drum Workshop pedals and Sabian, Paiste and Zildjian cymbals.


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