Graham Shaw

Graham has been involved with drumming from the age of 9 when he got a snare drum for Christmas (that must have been wonderful for the family... thanks a lot Father Christmas). His passion for drumming developed over the years through schoolboy bands to teaching percussion at the “Rotherham Drum School”.

He experienced the usual roller coaster ride most musicians face, of balancing family and music. While playing throughout the North of England he gained valuable experience and still kept a firm grasp on his roots. While touring he has encountered and is respected by such greats as; Cozy Powell, Ian Paice, Lloyd Ryan and John Hiseman.

Graham has many influences but has established a rock solid style that drives any band he plays with. We are pleased to say he did a very good job of it on the ‘Pig’n’aif Blue’ album..

Graham uses Mapex, Sabian, Sonor, Drumworld and Vic Firth equipment



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