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The latest album to include tracks from the original  Pig’n’aif ProgRock line-up

 ‘Hot, Sweet And Blue’


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Hot, Sweet And Blue

Hot, Sweet And Blue

Factory Fast Records
Released 18/08/15

  • 01.
    Made Of Star - David Romain
  • 02.
    Try Not To Die - Gypsy Ghosts
  • 03.
    Fat Quarter Stack - Mojave Nomads
  • 04.
    Kill To Love - Lowrise
  • 05.
    Oh Girl - Pig'n'aif
  • 06.
    Here In My Life - Mike Marrison
  • 07.
    Disagree - Lila Blanca

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This is released under the genre of  Alternative / Eclectic Songwriter

The Featured Artists are: -
David Romain, Gypsy Ghosts, Lila Blanca, Pig'n'aif, Mojave Nomads, Mike Marison and Lowrise

They are all experienced songwriters not afraid to wear their love on their sleeves. The flavours are running real deep here, and if it spills out and gets a bit messy, well then that's admirable.
Be prepared to be stopped in your in your tracks!

Artists Social Medial information:
David Romain @TheRealDavidRom (https://www.facebook.com/pages/David-Romain/1429994027282359)
Gypsy Ghosts @GypsyGhosts (https://www.facebook.com/thegypsyghosts)
Mojave Nomads @MojaveNomads (https://www.facebook.com/mojavenomads)
Lowrise @lowriseforever (https://www.facebook.com/lowriseuk)
Mike Marison @mikemarison (https://www.facebook.com/michael.marison)
Lila Blanca @lilablancaph (https://www.facebook.com/lilablanca2014ph)

New York City-based Factory Fast Records specialised in producing musician-curated independent music compilations across all genres.

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