Jack Bunker

Jack (given name Alan) is another long-serving musician from the Sheffield area. He has performed extensively in the semipro and professional music scene both in the UK and in Europe.

Jack’s musical background in common with most local musicians, originated in commercial club and pub band work with such well known and successful local acts as The Harvey Ruff Band, No Entry and Off The Cuff. Jack was joined in these acts on different occasions by Chris Hamilton and Pete Bangert.

Over a period of time, the working relationship between Jack, Chris and Pete culminated in them working together in a Pig’n’aif  off-shoot band which became the successful  NWOBHM band Phoenix Rising. (Bet you never saw that coming?)

Since the days of Phoenix Rising, Jack has performed live infrequently, preferring to be involved more in venue management. However, he recently collaborated with Pete in the studio and the output was the ‘Pig’n’aif Blue-ish’ and ‘Handover’ albums. Check them out  for starters.

Jack is happy to use any old mike thrust into his hands and has been known to wring the odd (very odd) ditty out of any unsuspecting and passing guitar that might accidentally fall into his clutches.


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