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Our most recent prog-rock album A musical exploratory by Pig’n’aif

‘The Jester... Thinks...’


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The Jester... Thinks..The Jester... Thinks...

Rising Records PNF05-CD02
released 18/09/09

  • 01.
    The Jester
  • 02.
    Down 'n' Out
  • 03.
    Lady Of The Song
  • 04.
    Gotta Be Jokin'
  • 05.
    Genus Holbytla
    a) Innocence Transformed b) It's All A Bit Of A Struggle
    c) Life's Twists And Turns
  • 06.
    Stolen Moments
  • 07.
  • 08.
    Orchestral Lady
  • 09.
    The Jester's Reprise

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This collection explores some of his thoughts, through the feelings he has stored up during his all-too-brief time. There are his thoughts of loss, betrayal and his desire for revenge against a power wielding audience of inferiors. Thoughts of consolation never had or offered, but always wanted and then eventually passed on from an older self to a younger self. Thoughts of joy at the sight of another, even if that sight was not noticed and so not reflected. Thoughts return of entrapment in a destructive relationship that leaves him vibrating with righteous anger, tempered with longing for what could never be. Thoughts of loss and unrequited yearning brought about by displacement in place and time. There are dark thoughts of dependency on outside support and the addictive and destructive nature of such a prop.

Of course behind them all, there are the generalised feelings of the common breed who stumble on from innocence through obstacles to the bitter realisation that no-one owes them a living… and that life can hurt unless you take hold of your own path and act intelligently about it... but as The Jester knows, few people do and so they inevitably blame their environment and end up in a mental wilderness.

The trick has always been to take comfort in what is available and where possible see the beauty disguised in something else. And then enjoy it on the way out…

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