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The debut album

‘What’s In A Name!’

What's In A Name


  1. Ciretose (Atkinson),
  2. Ditto The Two (Atkinson, Bangert, Hobson)
  3. Cycles (Bangert).

Tracks 1 and 2 are extended prog-rock numbers and track 3 is a melodic rock ballad

What’s In A Name

not available for sale

This was Pig’n’aif’s first release recorded in Sheffield in 1974 and published in cassette format only.

It is no longer available for purchase. BUT... you may be somewhat stunned to learn that reworked
and (somewhat) modernised versions of these tracks are now available on Pig’n’aif’sHandover’ album.

Quick - rush off and listen to clips here

The musicians involved were Steve Atkinson (guitar, organ, piano), Dave Hobson (bass, vocals)
and Pete Bangert (guitar vocals).


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