Pete Bangert

Pete is a long serving musician from the Sheffield area. He has been in many versions of Pig’n’aif over the years and has used the ongoing project as a means of publishing material as well as for collaboration with other musicians. The project has also been located in many parts of country during its existence.

This version has grown out of a collaboration between Mick and Pete around the early stages of the ChinWig project and the subsequent re-work of the masters from Pete’s album ‘The Jester... Thinks...’ primarily with Mick adding a more assured vocal to the work.

Pete has subsequently gone on to produce the ‘Pig’n’aif Blue’, ‘Pig’n’aif Blue-ish’, ‘Handover’, ‘Electronicalis’, and ‘Musicalis Grumpiosa’ albums within the Pig’n’aif projects.

Pete manages the Rising Records label and has his own recording studio as well as mobile facilities.

Live, Pete plays a Kahler equipped Gibson Flying ‘V’ with an Axon guitar synth, through a sophisticated rack setup using Mesa Boogie amplification. But for the live version of the jam-band Pete uses a basic Orange amp with minimal  pedals and no synth. Back to basics...

For more information and details visit Pete's Website.


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