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The latest album from the original  Pig’n’aif ProgRock line-up



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Pig'n'aif - Handover


Rising Records PNF07-CD01
Released 01/02/15

  • 01.
    Ditto The Two
  • 02.
    Harmony One
  • 03.
    Dead Man Blues (Handover Version)
  • 04.
    Oh Girl
  • 05.
    Boogie No.2
  • 06.
  • 07.
    The First
  • 08.
    Leaving Today
  • 09.

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'Handover' is Pig'n'aif's retrospective album of original, multi-genre, rock

This Pig'n'aif album has been waiting for the opportunity to emerge for a  long time. It is a snapshot of original material written and demo'd by  the original Pig'n'aif team of Pete Bangert and Steve Atkinson between  1969 and 1976. The demo's have now been worked up into either finished  songs, instrumental tracks, or incorporated into other completed works  for release on this album. The material crosses many genre boundaries  including Progressive Rock, Blues, Rock and Jazz.

The album starts with  'Ditto The Two', an instrumental progressive rock track which moves  through many changes of timing, structure and style. The original demo  benefited from performance contributions from Dave Hobson which are  represented in the final recording.

'Harmony One' is a progressive  instrumental based upon one of the first dual harmony riffs written by  Pete and Steve. Expanded by Pete, it incorporates flavours of his  sojourn in Scotland in the early 70's.

'Dead Man Blues' is based upon a  boogie riff from Pete and Steve, subsequently broadened out by Pete into a full-blown song. A humorous view from the perspective of the guest of honour, it will certainly be played at my funeral. It has a superb  vocal performance from Mel Day in the role of the principal character. 

'Oh Girl' is one of Pete's more jazz influenced rock songs representing  happy holiday experiences. The vocals are beautifully executed by Jack  Bunker.

'Boogie No. 2' is based upon one of the many turn and turn-about  boogie rock jams between Pete and Steve captured on demo one night many  moons ago.

'Cycles' was Pete's first complete rock ballad written in  1969 and demo'd originally in 1970. It was played subsequently in a  number of band line-ups around the country by Pete, but has never been  formally recorded and released on album... until now. Mel's vocals set  it off a treat.

'The First' is a representation of Pete's very first  multitrack recording, with interference...

'Leaving Today' is another of Pete's jazz rock oriented songs, representing his nomadic and rootless  lifestyle from the early 70's. Jack pins the vocals down quite nicely.

'Ciretose', the final track on the album, is a progressive tour-de-force written by Steve as a piano piece. Demo'd originally by Steve and Pete, it was subsequently arranged and recorded by Pete.

Our warmest regards go out to all of the  people who have contributed to, inspired, or encouraged us throughout  the background of these songs over the years. We also have particularly  fond remembrances of Pete, Wilf and Mavis without whose stoic  forbearance and support our endeavours would never have been  initiated.

Guitars, other Instrumentation and Backing Vocals are  performed by Pete Bangert.
Lead Vocals on tracks 3 and 6 are by Mel Day,
Lead Vocals on tracks 4 and 8 are from Jack Bunker.
Bass is played by  the band's good friend Session Pete
Drums and Percussion are from  Clatterfoot.

The samples on 'The First' are from www.freesound.org.  'Zombie News' by parabolix, 'No one wants', 'Hiroshima' 'Sweethearts at  war' and 'Roswell' are by ERH. Tunng by dobroide. Thanks guys.

Please let us know what you think of the album.


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